Irving TX Restaurants – Grab A Good Bite To Eat While You’re There

There are plenty of great Irving TX restaurants that you can visit while you’re in the city. These four places are great, and you might want to plan a visit to one of them. The following dining establishments are certainly some of the best in Irving, and just wait until you hear about the great food they serve.

The first restaurant that is up for grabs is Empa Mundo, and it is located at 3977 North Belt Line Road. Texas brisket and pulled pork are two of the most popular menu items served up there. People say this restaurant is a hole in the wall, and that makes it a really nice stop if you ask me. Eat your fill in of guava cheese, chorizo and empanadas as well.

Cavalli Pizza is a good pick, too. Stop by and get some of the best pizza in town while you’re on vacation. Cavalli Pizza is located at 3601 Regent Boulevard. First, you’re talking about brick oven pizza, and that sounds delicious, right? Then you have fried calamari, salads, wines and more. It sounds like this pizza place has a little of everything.

What about a visit to a steakhouse? The place is called Cool River, and it is located at 1045 Hidden Ridge. Check out the crab cakes, salmon, quesadillas and other dishes that are served up there as well. Maybe it’s time for that surf and turf experience. The restaurant is said to feature a cigar bar, too. If a steak dinner sounds like a plan to you, then you might want to stop on by Cool River with the family.

Now let’s talk about one more of the top restaurants in Irving that serves up pizza pies. The name is Vito’s Pizza Restaurants, and it is located at 2000 Esters Road. Vito’s Pizza Restaurant is delicious Italian dishes, too, and people say that they have great wings. The reviews also point to the fact that you are going to be greeted with generous portions as well.

You’re going to get plenty of food at that last place and the other places, too. Have a great adventure finding all the good eats as you are making your way around the charming city of Irving TX. Is pizza what you want, or are you going to go for the surf and turf? There are some great things to do when you are in Irving, too.